Ana-Marija Markovina


Ana-Marija Markovina im Forbes-Magazine

Auch wenn die Veröffentlichung der großen C.P.E. Bach Box, welche anlässlich des 300. Geburtstages von Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachs veröffentlicht wurde, bereits 3 Jahre zurückliegt, schlägt dieses 26 CD starke Werk seit der Erscheinung immer noch große Wellen. Erst kürzlich hat das US-amerikanische Forbes Magazine die Box zur Klassik-Empfehlung der Woche ernannt.

Hier ein kurzer Auszug:

But now to the matter at hand, a collection of the complete, extensive, exhaustive, possibly exhausting keyboard works of Carl Philipp Emanuel. Lo and behold, Ana-Marija Markovina might therein have brought us the solution to this problem of C-P-Eppreciation! In easily appreciated Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano sound, she delivers here the necessary quantity for full-on immersion in Bach Jr. Still more importantly, her witty, lively, downright magical playing turns a potential musicological chore into hours of easy delight. Perhaps the key to getting the most out of Bach Jr.’s Sonatas, Fantasias, and Pieces is to forget Haydn or Mozart and especially forget C.P.E.’s father, but instead think of Scarlatti sonatas. Suddenly these works become darling miniatures, freed from overwhelming ambition and full of clever little touches that reveal themselves disc by disc by disc, and before you know it, you cannot believe you have listened to 26 (!) discs of C.P.E. Bach’s music. I double-dog-dare you!

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